Download the ChatGPT iOS app for iPhone & iPad

So the long wait is finally over, at least for the iPhone and iPad users. OpenAI launched the ChatGPT iOS app and it’s live on the Apple app store. Android phone users probably have to wait for a while to get ChatGPT for their Android devices.

Download the ChatGPT iOS app directly from the app store for FREE and enjoy all the features that are available for the web version.

The ChatGPT was launched in November 2022 and within 5 days, it crossed 1 million users, that was a milestone achieved by the AI tool in record time leaving all the widely popular apps such as Instagram, Facebook, and WhatsApp behind in achieving 1 million users in 5 days.

ChatGPT ios App

But OpenAI launched the web version only at that time and mobile users had to wait for a few more months (May 18, 2023) to get ChatGPT on their mobile phones.

So the wait is over like I said, OpenAI has finally launched ChatGPT iOS app with a promise to Android users that they will get the App on their phone “Soon”.

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The Widely popular ChatGPT enjoys the first mover advantage, though the AI chatbot existed for a very long time but they were not as good as ChatGPT.

Microsoft recognizes the necessity of being in the AI-chat bot race and decided to invest $10 billion in ChatGPT while integrating ChatGPT-4 in their flagship Bing Search engine.

It means, if you use ChatGPT with Bing, you’ll indirectly enjoy ChatGPT-4 features which costs $20/month.

What is it Mean to iOS users?

Well, for those who used to surf the internet on their mobile phone or use apps instead of the web versions of different apps, the launch of the ChatGPT iOS app is great news.

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It means the ChatGPT iOS app users will be able to…

  • Use the ChatGPT app on their iOS devices. Whether it is an iPhone or iPad, it can be easily downloaded and used.
  • Get instant answers to all your questions.
  • Sync their chat & history on the iOS app provided you are using the same account.
  • Get tailored responses.
  • Use voice input to generate responses.
  • Take advantage of ChatGPT’s Open Source built-in voice recognition system; Whisper for a better user experience.
  • Use the ChatGPT to generate outlines for a blog post, write poems or letters, suggestions for Gifts, or even have a piece of code written.
  • Have priority access, early access to updates, and access to ChatGPT -4 if you are a ChatGPT Plus subscriber.

How to Download the ChatGPT iOS App for iPhone & iPad

As I said, the ChatGPT iOS app is available on the Apple app store and it can be downloaded the way you download other iOS apps on your iOS devices.

Here are the steps if you are still confused.

1- Pick your iOS device; iPhone or iPad.

2- Open the App Store from Home.

3- Type “ChatGPT” and click the App link that appears in Search Results. Or Click Here to Download the ChatGPT iOS app directly.

4- Tap the blue “Get” button and it will start downloading the App. Allow it for some time.

5- When the ChatGPT app download is completed, the “Get” button will be replaced by the “Open” button.

6- Click “Open”, enter the credentials and you are done with downloading ChatGPT for your iOS device.

Important Warning

It has been noticed that some users consider ChatGPT-generated responses accurate which is not true.

We should consider ChatGPT responses as hints or clues for the initial groundwork for our further research.

There are two important warnings that you must pay attention to while agreeing to use the ChatGPT iOS app on your iOS device.

  • ChatGPT can be inaccurate at times. So cross-check the response for its validity.
  • Don’t share sensitive information.

So proceed only if you agree with these terms.

Minimum Requirement to download ChatGPT for iOS

ChatGPT iOS requires the latest iOS version to operate. Hence, if you are not using the latest iOS devices, you probably be not able to use ChatGPT.

It is a must that you have iOS 16.1 or later version installed on the device in order to use ChatGPT.

It simply means, if you are iPhone 13 or earlier phone users and you have not upgraded iOS to 16.1 or later, do it first.

The latest iPhone 14 (and other variants) uses the latest iOS version and will not have difficulty in downloading ChatGPT.

It is about 20MB app and requires a little more app empty space to function.

There is no other specific requirement other than the iOS version.

Which Countries the ChatGPT iOS app is available in?

The ChatGPT web version was launched for the whole world (except for a few exceptional countries & those who banned ChatGPT in their region).

It is not the case with the ChatGPt iOS app.

ChatGPT iOS app is currently available for US users only (as of May 24th, 2023) with a rollout in other countries gradually.

It simply means, that even if you are an iOS device user but don’t live in the US, you’ll not be able to use the ChatGPT iOS app.

The iOS users in the UK, Australia, Canada, etc will have to wait a little more.

I will update this page when the app is available in other countries. Bookmark this page!

Update (May 26, 2023)

ChatGPT iOS app is now available in many countries.

Here are the countries where ChatGPT iOS apps are now available.









Costa Rica

































South Korea


United Arab Emirates

United Kingdom

Besides these countries, the remaining ones are also going to have the ChatGPT iOS app available in their countries.

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