Fix ChatGPT “Error communicating with plugin service”

ChatGPT plug-ins have added more power to the world’s most powerful AI tool in the world. But anything that eases our lives, can sometimes create problems as well. The same thing goes here. Some people have reported “Error communicating with plugin service, Please try again later” while using ChatGPT that has plug-in enabled.

What is more disastrous is that when this error appears, the ChatGPT stops generating responses and it doesn’t go away.

It throws the same error even if you try to generate a response to a new query.

If you are unable to fix this problem on your own, this guide will be very helpful to get rid of the “Error communicating with plugin service” error.

The ChatGPT plugins are available for the ChatGPT Plus subscribers only. So you will not be able to use them if you are a free subscriber.

What is “Error communicating with plugin service, Please try again later”

No doubt the ChatGPT is a powerful AI tool that was created by the world’s advanced AI research first OpenAI.

The developers keep updating the tool with a lot of new features and functionality.

The Plug-ins are third-party small pieces of code that add additional functionality to what ChatGPT basically intended to.

error communicating with plugin service

For example, the Web browsing plug-in is one of the most famous ChatGPT plug-ins that allows ChatGPT to connect to the internet so that it can add fresh, up-to-date information in the responses it generates, making the content more useful for the content creators.

However, if anything goes wrong with these plugins, the ChatGPT doesn’t generate responses and throws an “Error communicating with plugin service” error in the middle.

When this happens, it doesn’t take any further queries, leaving you in frustration.

There is no one specific reason for this error. It can happen because of a variety of reasons such as corrupt browser cookies or a bad internet connection.

It can also happen because of corrupt browser extensions or ChatGPT plugins.

How to Fix “Error communicating with plugin service”

If you have tried everything on your own to fix the “Error communicating with plugin service” error, don’t worry.

Try these workarounds and I am sure one of these solutions will work.

1) Check the Internet connection

The Internet is a culprit in many problems that the ChatGPT comes across while logging into the account or while generating responses as the total functionality of the ChatGPT depends on the internet.

It requires an active and stable internet connection to work properly.

Any issue with the internet connection will directly impact the functionality of the chatbot.

If the internet connection is not stable, the ChatGPT will find it difficult to communicate with the plugins and may cause an “Error communicating with plugin service” error.

So the first fix is to check your internet connection. Try to open a few websites like ChatbotGPT,, etc. to make sure the internet is working fine.

2) Refresh the ChatGPT Page

The “Error communicating with plugin service” error can be eliminated by a simple refresh of the page.

If you are using ChatGPT on a Chrome browser, simply click the refresh button to re-load the page.

Upon reload, it re-establishs the connection between the ChatGPT client and the plugin, eventually resolving the issue.

Refreshing the page looks really simple task but the results can be very surprising at times.

3) Log out and sign in back

If you have saved the credentials in the browser, you are always logged into your ChatGPT account.

There are great chances that the recent update didn’t come into effect for your account and stopped communication between the ChatGPT and the plugins.

And, this is causing the “Error communicating with plugin service” error to occur.

Signing out from your account and signing in back could resolve this issue.

1- Click the three dots at the bottom left corner. Adjacent to your ChatGPT username.

2- Choose “Log out

ChatGPT logout

3- Login to your ChatGPT account again.

Check if the error persists.

4) Uninstall Plus & Re-install Plugin

If the above solution doesn’t work, try to uninstall and re-install the plugins currently activated with ChatGPT.

You can uninstall the plugins from the ChatGPT store itself and it’s very easy.

To uninstall a plugin, do the following:

1- Hover over the ChatGPT-4 from the top and then go to “Plugins“.

2- It will give you a list of all the plugins including those that are installed and those that are not.

ChatGPT Plugin

3- Go to the plugin that you want to uninstall and click the “Uninstall” button. It will uninstall the selected plugin. If you want to re-install it again, you can do so by going to the list and hitting the “Install” button.

5) Clear Browser Cache & Cookies

Clearing browser cookies and cache files may also be very helpful in fixing the “Error communicating with plugin service” issue.

While the Cookies & cache files are essential files that are stored in the browser’s memory so that they don’t load each time you open the same website.

It means the next time you open a particular website, it will open fast and improve user experience since the cache & cookies files are stored in your browser.

However, if they get corrupted, it may cause various problems.

So if the “Error communicating with plugin service, Please try again later” issue is also caused due to cookies & cache files, deleting them may fix it.

Here is how to delete cookies & cache files.

1- Go to the three dots at the right corner of the Chrome browser.

2- Go to “More Tools” and then to “Clear browsing data

3- Select the time range “All time” under the “Basic” tab.

4- Tick the checkboxes below and hit the “Clear data” button.


Since you have deleted the browser cache, you may be required to log in to your ChatGPT account, even though you had saved the credentials before.

Close the browser log in to the ChatGPT account and try typing your query to check if the problem is fixed.

6) Disable Extensions

Browser extensions are very helpful for an active internet user. It adds additional functionality to your browser on top of the basic one.

For example, if you have an extension installed that takes screenshots of the website, you will not require additional software on your PC to do the same.

Taking screenshots is not possible with a browser without having to install an extension.

So while these extensions are useful, if they clash with the browser’s files for any reason, they can create problems as well.

The ChatGPT “”Error communicating with plugin service, Please try again later” error may occur due to a corrupt browser extension as well.

Disabling them may fix this error. Here is how to disable the Chrome browser extension.

1- Go to the three dots at the top right corner.

2- Go to “More Tools

3- Then go to “Extensions

4- It will take you to the list of extensions currently installed on your Chrome browser.

5- Disable all of them with a blue slider button and enable them one by one to check which one is causing the “Error communicating with plugin service, Please try again later” problem.


6- Remove the one that is causing a problem and enable that is required.

remove chrome extn

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