How to Fix ChatGPT “Signup Is Currently Unavailable” Error

If you are creating an account on ChatGPT but it not allowing you and throwing errors like “Sign up is currently unavailable, try again later”, or “Chatgpt Sign up is temporarily unavailable, please check back in an hour” don’t get disheartened, you are not alone. This is not something very serious issue that can not be resolved.

If you are wondering why you have been getting this error and how to resolve this issue, I’d advise you to go through this article completely.

Toward the end, you’ll learn the causes and how they can be fixed.

While in most of the cases, it can be resolved on its own, however, there are some workarounds that help in fixing this error within seconds.

You don’t have to be tech-savvy in order to follow these methods.

So let’s start by knowing the possible reasons for this error.

What are the possible reasons for ChatGPT “Signup Is Currently Unavailable” or “Sign up is temporarily unavailable”Error

The ChatGPT is an AI chatbot that requires continuous communication between the app and the server and when communication between the app and server breaks, you tend to get various errors.

Again if the server is undergoing scheduled maintenance or the developers are troubleshooting the app, you might come across this problem.

ChatGPT signup problem

However, these are not the only reasons, they could be caused by to failure of the authentication process, your internet connection is not stable, or if there are too many redirects.

Whatever the reason be, if that happens, you will not be able to complete the signup process and hence won’t be able to use ChatGPT.

In some cases, the error goes away within a few hours as the error suggests. But it can persist from a few hours to days.

Some of the users of the OpenAI forum have explained they couldn’t get the problem fixed even after 12+ hours.

ChatGPT signup is currently unavailable

How to Fix ChatGPT Signup Is Currently Unavailable

Fixing this problem is crucial in order to start using ChatGPT.

Unless the signup process is not completed, access to ChatGPT will not be granted.

Try these methods to fix the “ChatGPT sign up is currently unavailable” error

Check your Internet Connection

You need to make sure your internet connection is working fine. It should be reliable and offer good internet speed.

If your internet connection is interrupted frequently, you will most likely encounter such errors.

So have your internet connection fixed if you have noticed any problem with it.

Try to open any popular website such as or maybe in a browser.

If they open fine, your internet is working fine. If not, get it fixed.

Check ChatGPT Server

The next thing you must do is to check if the ChatGPT server is not down for maintenance or due to any other technical glitch.

This can be checked through their official website where the company’s server status is shown.

Go to Open AI Server Status page and check the status of “”.

For example in the below image, you will see there are orange and red bars towards 90 days.

The red bars indicate the server outrages and if anyone had tried to sign up to ChatGPT during that time, they probably have encountered the ” Sign up is currently unavailable” error.

So when you sign up for ChatGPT or log in to ChatGPT and it doesn’t work, you should check the server status.

Checking server status is the primary thing you should do whenever ChatGPT doesn’t work for you.

If you ask me, I have subscribed for Updates, so that whenever the server goes down, I get the notification through e-mail.

So it is a good idea to subscribe for ChatGPT server updates.

You can choose to subscribe through your mobile phone or through e-mail.

I prefer email and since e-mail is configured on my mobile phone so I don’t miss any updates.

Also, If you use Twitter, you can subscribe to the OpenAI Twitter handle for regular updates including server outrage incidents.

Disable VPN

VPN is trending these days as there are a lot of websites/services that are not accessible from a particular country.

For example, ChatGPT is still not available in many countries and a lot of people use VPN to get the IP address of the country where the ChatGPT services are allowed and use it.

But if your VPN is not reliable or does not offer a good speed, it could be a culprit.

So if you have VPN enabled and are getting the ChatGPT signup is currently unavailable error, disable VPN and try again.

Buying a good VPN service is very important because there are tons of them available on the internet that claim to charge low prices but their service is very bad.

Nord VPN and ExpressVPN are two very good VPN services that I’ve been using for a long time.

Their prices are good and I didn’t face any major problems as yet.

Wait for some time

As the error suggests itself, wait for some time before trying to sign up again. If the problem persists from the developer’s end, you cannot fix it.

There is no option other than waiting for some time.

Wait for a few hours and try again.

If it still doesn’t work, the last resort is to contact their support.

Contact OpenAI Support

The OpenAI chat support is the last resort in case none of the above methods works.

The support system of OpenAI; the parent company of ChatGPT is quite good and you can contact them through e-mail or through live chat.

  • E-mail

I prefer contacting them through e-mail because It keeps track of all the communications.

Login to your e-mail account, compose an e-mail explaining everything, and send it to “”

You will receive a response within 24 hours.

  • Chat Support

If you have some time to live chat with the support staff, you can go for live chat.

Go to the Support page and search for your problem (it is helpful if you face any other problem with ChatGPT as well).

There are great chance that your query has already asked and replied to by the support staff. If it is not, click on the black chat bubble at the bottom right and it will pop up a chat window.

Write your problem and you will receive a response.

Wrapping up

The ChatGPT has become quite popular and people are using it for different purposes. While the number of users is growing, we are coming across different new errors and problems every now and then.

The “ChatGPT signup is currently unavailable, please try back in few hours” is the error that wouldn’t let you create an account with OpenAI.

Apart from that, Something went wrong, conversation not found, and ChatGPT internal server error are also some of the very common errors that people come across.

So whenever ChatGPT shows any error, the very first thing is to check the internet connection and the status page of ChatGPT.

Because until you don’t have a reliable internet connection and the ChatGPT server is not up, no point trying any workaround.

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