Why is ChatGPT So Slow? Here Are The Top Reasons

ChatGPT is an internet sensation and everyone is talking about ChatGPT and its use case in various fields of business.

ChatGPT is not used only to generate responses, people are using this AI chatbot to build resumes, write/poems, solve coding problems, write an e-book, and lots more.

It has become one of the most popular tools/apps on the internet in terms of registered users in record time and the users are growing with a wild peace.

While people are so happy with this AI tool that works on natural language processing technology to generate responses, people face many problems at times.

Some see ChatGPT server error, for others, ChatGPT signup doesn’t work. For some others, why ChatGPT isn’t working is one of the most common problems.

If you are facing a ChatGPT slowing down problem, this article specifically talks about it.

Why ChatGPT So Slow?

ChatGPT is serving billions of customers every single day and handles tons of requests from these users every single second.

It needs resources such as computers, servers, devices, etc to work properly.

If anything goes wrong with a single component, the problems start to build up.

For example, if the OpenAI server is down, you won’t be able to use the ChatGPT, DALL-E, GPT-4, etc.

why chatgpt slow

ChatGPT is built on the latest technology and managed by top-notch technicians yet there are instances when it doesn’t work properly.

ChatGPT slowing down is one of the most common problems these days as since the number of users growing, so as the problems.

Here are the top reasons why ChatGPT is so slow.

#1- Slow Internet Connection

ChatGPT is a totally internet-based application and requires a fast, reliable, and uninterrupted internet connection.

If the network connection is not good, you will see various problems such as login problems, sign-up problems, not being able to generate responses, server errors, and ChatGPT becoming slow.

When a user logs into their ChatGPT account, a connection is established between their computer and the ChatGPT server.

Hence, if your connection is slow, the ChatGPT will respond slow as well.

#2- Limitation of Technical Architecture of ChatGPT

If you have been using the ChatGPT extensively it means you have been utilizing their resources more than usual which ultimately affects their system.

The ChatGPT architecture has been designed in such a way that all the users could equally utilize available resources.

Hence, if you are using ChatGPT roughly without giving it rest, your account may be applied limitations for some time that may slow down the ChatGPT for you.

#3- Slow Processing Speed Of Your Device

Your device plays an important role as well. Your computer or phone should have decent specifications in order to use ChatGPT.

The computer/phone with a slow processing speed wouldn’t be able to communicate with the server the way it should be.

#4- Heavy Server Load – Too Many Users

ChatGPT has reached a huge milestone in terms of registered users. According to ExplodingTopic, the number of users as of September 2023 is over 180 million. That’s a big number.

ChatGPT crossed 1 million users within just 5 days of its launch on November 22. So if you’re accessing ChatGPT during peak hours or the number of users currently accessing the ChatGPT is larger than what their resources can handle, the ChatGPT will slow down.

It can take more time to generate responses than usual. In those conditions, the user should avoid using ChatGPT.

#5- The Problem in Processing Complex Queries

If you are typing too many queries one after another or a single large one, the ChatGPT might get confused and take time to understand the query. It will slow down the process.

It generally happens if you ask different questions that are not related to each other in a single thread.

#6- Slow VPN

While using ChatGPT, making sure the network is fast and uninterrupted is very important.

Some of the cheap VPN services don’t offer fast speed which eventually slows down ChatGPT as well.

So if you are using VPN services, make sure you are subscribed to a good VPN. I have been using NordVPN for a very long time and it does a great job.

#7- Browser Cookies

However, it is not always the network and related issues. Browser cache and cookies can also slow down ChatGPT.

If the cookies stored in the browser’s memory get corrupted, it might interrupt the connection between the browser and the ChatGPT server as well which eventually leads to the slowing down of ChatGPT.

How to Fix ChatGPT Slowing Problem

It is very irritating to wait for the ChatGPT to type the complete answer.

Thankfully, we can fix this problem with the solutions I have discussed in this post provided there is no problem from the backend.

To check if everything is fine at the backend, go to the ChatGPT server status page which displays whether any of all the systems is down. The page displays the status of the past 90 days.

Scroll down a bit to see day-wise status.

Once you know all the systems are operational and there is no backend problem with ChatGPT, try these methods to fix the problem.

#1- Refresh Page

Refresh the ChatGPT and check if that fixes the problem. When you have left the page idle for a long time, the current session expires which eventually creates problems in generating responses.

With a simple refresh, you can fix this problem. In some cases, you might need to log in to your ChatGPT account on refresh as it may throw you out of the current login session.

To the refresh icon at the top-left corner of the browser to reload the page.

#2- Start a New Thread

Start a new thread and see if it restores ChatGPT speed.

If you have been typing too many queries in a single thread, it can confuse the ChatGPT. The system takes time to understand the query and processing gets slow.

Also, if the thread becomes too long as you have been typing lots of queries in a single thread, ChatGPT will process queries slowly.

  • Go to the left-hand side menu and click on “New Chat” to start a new thread.

#3- Get a Good Internet Connection

Getting a reliable internet connection that offers an uninterrupted network connection throughout the home or office can fix ChatGPT’s slowing down problem.

A bad internet connection equals many problems with ChatGPT because this AI tool is totally dependent on the internet connection for its functioning.

#4- Disable VPN

Again, if you are using a bad VPN service that interrupts your internet connection, ChatGPT will respond slowly.

VPN connection

Check your VPN service to see if you are getting proper speed and the connection is stable.

Alternatively, you can disable the VPN for some time to check if that resolves the problem.

#5- Use Devices with Good Specification

If you have been using an old device that doesn’t have good specifications, its time to upgrade to the latest one, or at least to a decent one.

If your device itself is not able to process faster, the ChatGPT won’t work well.

For example, if you are using ChatGPT on a browser, each tab uses significant browser memory which is directly linked with your PC’s specification.

#6- Upgrade to ChatGPT Plus

Tried all, but nothing seems to be working? It’s time to upgrade to the ChatGPT Plus.

The ChatGPT Plus users are given priority access to new features, have them available more resources, and first access to the latest updates that solve ChatGPT slowing down problem indirectly.

For a ChatGPT Plus subscriber, the chatbot is available even during peak hours, unlike normal subscribers.

The normal subscribers will notice the ChatGPT slowing down during peak hours. Go through ChatGPT vs ChatGPT Plus to understand the advantages of being a Plus subscriber.

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