Fix Zoom Error Code 10004 Using ChatGPT/BingAI

Many people believe ChatGPT or BingAI can be used for generating content only but it can effectively be used to serve a variety of purposes, not just creating content. In this article, I’ll show you how these AI tools can help fix the zoom error code 10004 issue.

To use ChatGPT and BingAI for different purposes, you must understand the workings of these tools completely, how they work, and also know the art of prompt engineering.

The prompts are nothing but the text you type into ChatGPT to get the desired information.

If we talk specifically about Zoom error code 10004, ChatGPT/BingAI can help you understand the potential reasons for this error and also suggest solutions to fix on your own.

Use ChatGPT/BingAI to understand Zoom Error code 10004

We can troubleshoot an error once we understand it. Go to BingAI and type “What is Zoom error code 1004” and it will come up with the details of the error.

Here is what I got when I asked about this error in BingAI.

You can use ChatGPT as well if you have a GPT-4 subscription because ChatGPT 3.5, the free version is trained on data until January 2022.

zoom error code 10004

Our motive here should be to collect as much information as possible about the error. The better we understand the error, the greater be chances of fixing the error.

BingAI says that Zoom error code 10004 is encountered at the time of opening the Zoom app for the first time after installation.

If this is something exactly happening with you. This means if you are getting a 10004 error at the time of opening the Zoom app, you are good to go.

If not, ask BingAI again for more details.

zoom error reasons

At the end of responses, BingAI suggests related questions and uses them to learn more about the error.

Ask the Reasons for Zoom Error code 10004

Now once you know what zoom error code 10004 is about, ask ChatGPT/BingAI the potential causes of the error.

The reason for any app error can not be the same for everyone because all the users use different devices.

Such as someone probably uses a Phone others may have it installed on the computer.

So the reasons may be different from one person to another. We need to learn about all possible reasons.

Type something like “Reasons for Zoom error code 1004”. Here is what I got when I typed this in ChatGPT.

error code 10004

It has given all the possible reasons that might be causing Zoom error code 10004 for different people.

According to ChatGPT, for some people zoom error code 10004 occur due to network issue, while for others it can be a firewall problem, an outdated version of Zoom, corrupted Zoom installation, etc.

Pay close attention to the most relevant reason.

Ask ChatGPT to Solve Zoom Error code 10004

Once you know the possible reason for the error, it’s time to ask ChatGPT solutions to solve the error.

Describe the error in detail including all the key points so that the ChatGPT can come up with a tailored solutions.

Engage with it by having a two-way conversation so that ChatGPT can be trained on the topic and suggest workable solutions.

Here is what I got when I typed “how to fix this error”.

Mind you, I didn’t mention the “error code 10004” or “zoom” while asking for the solution.

I simply said, “How to fix this error” and ChatGPT understood its own that I was talking about Zoom’s 10004 error code.

This is the benefit of engaging in conversation with ChatGPT.

how to fi 10004 error on zoom

The ChatGPT has given me while list of possible solutions that I can try to fix zoom error code 10004.

I can start with no. 1 solution.

Here is what I got when I typed “Give me a step-by-step guide on solution no1” to ChatGPT.


It has given me the steps to go about solution no.1 which was related to the Internet Connection!

Again I didn’t mention what I want a solution for.

solutions no.1

Apply the solution and check if it fixes the Zoom app error.

Can we use ChatGPT/BingAI to Fix Other Errors?

Yes, ChatGPT, BingAI, and Bard are the AI tools that can help you diagnose the problem and suggest solutions to fix the error.

However, its effective utilization is the key to successfully fixing any error.

You need to be good at training ChatGPT by inputting relevant questions so that it could suggest tailored solutions, specific to your problem.

Here are some important tips while using ChatGPT or other AI tools to find solutions.

Tips for Using ChatGPT to Fix Errors:

  • Copy the error message. For example, in this case, if the error popup shows any other detail about Zoom error 10004, you should note it down somewhere.
  • Always type detailed queries so that the ChatGPT understands the problem properly and answers accordingly.
  • Engage in conversation as if you are chatting with a real person. It will help train the ChatGPT on the topic and the responses will be tailored to your specific problem.
  • Do not type over-sized text (query), it may confuse the ChatGPT. It may slow down the ChatGPT.

Wrapping up:

ChatGPT is a powerful AI tool that has become widely popular as of today. It is been a short time and this AI tool has become the most popular startup to date serving more than 180 million users at the time of writing this post.

The power of ChatGPT can be utilized for different things, not just creating content.

It can help you write codes, create a resume, ebook, language translation, analysis, debugging, and more.

It can help you fix various Windows, apps, and software problems. In this article, we saw how ChatGPT can help us fix zoom error code 1004. It helped us diagnose the error and offered workable solutions.

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